Lecture Synopses - Alan White, Ph.D.

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Has Modern Science Disproved the Bible?

This is generally the first talk I give at a church.  In this one I begin with an introduction on how critically important it is that we trust the entirety of God’s Word.  After all, if God inspired the writing of the Bible, then shouldn’t we expect it to be consistent with what we see every day?  

I then focus on two critical areas where secular scientists regularly attack the Bible – the creation and the global flood.  This attack is predicted in 2 Peter 3:3-6.  I then show how the scientific data are consistent with the creation of all the individual plants and animals and I provide some geological evidence that is strongly suggestive of a global flood.


Origin of Life  (Created in the Image of God)

Is human life the result of the random organization of chemicals or did God create us in His image?    I show how unlikely it is that life could have evolved by random processes and how we have the “handprint” of God’s design on us.  Most evolutionists avoid this subject because even they don’t have a reasonable theory of how chemicals came alive and developed the ability to reproduce. 


The Heavens Declare the Glory of God (The Chemistry and Physics of the Stars)

In this one I try to give everyone a better understanding of the size of the universe and the number of stars.  This gives us a better appreciation of how powerful God is.  I discuss the complicated structure of stars and how they work, and I show how unlikely it is that they formed by random processes.  I also show how the observations in the Bible about the heavens are consistent with what we know today!  How could that be, if the Bible were just another book written by people about 2000 years ago?


The Design of the Human Body (All Things Were Created By God Both Visible and Invisible)

I begin this presentation by showing how marvelously designed the human body is and how all the organ systems work together.  I use the circulatory system as an example of how each system is incredibly complex and how unlikely it is that all the parts could have evolved individually.  Then I focus on how we are mostly made of proteins.  Proteins are large molecules made of atoms, which are made of protons and neutrons.  Even those neutrons and protons are not fundamental particles, but they are made of quarks. The quarks, some of the tiniest particles we know, actually show a triune nature! 


A Biblical Perspective on Dinosaurs

I will seek to answer those burning questions everyone has about dinosaurs, including the following: Did dinosaurs live with men? How did they get all those dinosaurs on the ark?  Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?  I also present some powerful recent scientific evidence that shows that dinosaurs may not have gone extinct so long ago.  This one is a favorite of the young people and adults alike.


Did We Evolve From Apes? 

The best way to become a famous paleontologist is to discover a fossil that you can claim to be a common ancestor of apes and man.  We will examine many of these fossils to see if they provide reasonable evidence to support the claim that we evolved from ape-like ancestors.   The bottom line is that they don’t.


Does Evolution By Mutation and Natural Selection Really Make Sense?

In this presentation I examine the evidence for evolution and show why it is very unlikely that mutations and natural selection provide the new information that is required for evolution of one species to another.


Global Warming – Is It Time to Panic?

If you listen to many in the media and many of our politicians, you would be convinced that catastrophes are coming due to global warming.  However, if you carefully examine the earth's historical temperature data, it is clear that today's warming trend is not out of the ordinary.  We do need to take good care of what God has entrusted to us, but there is no reason to panic about the temperature of the earth.


DNA The Instructions For Life 

Here I show how incredibly complicated our bodies.  I show by analogy how DNA is like an instruction book, and how unlikely that an instruction book would have come about by accident and how unlikely it is that an instruction book could be improved by randomly changing letters, like evolution is supposed to happen.  I show some videos of the miraculous tiny machines that make our bodies work. 


Did We Just Miss The Dinosaurs? 

There is growing evidence that the fossils were laid down not that long ago. Soft organic materials are being found in all types of fossils, including dinosaur fossils that are supposed to be many millions of years old.  It is impossible for organic tissue to last that long.  This evidence is consistent with a recent flood. 


All of these presentations can be tailored to fit a particular timeframe and a particular audience, whether in a secular or religious setting.

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