Lecture Synopses - James Gardner

All messages are in the form of full multimedia Keynote (PowerPoint) presentations including video clips and animated slides. All messages bring all listeners to the point where they must make a decision about Jesus Christ. As such, they do indeed present the Gospel clearly without requiring an invitation. (One can be given if the Pastor wants to.) Most of these have been adapted to middle school and high school as well. When teaching in schools, we teach the Bible solely as a historical book and not as a religious book and emphasize the science. Click on highlighted titles to listen to a recorded presentation.

THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE PATH YOU CHOOSE – 54 minutes. This lead-off message deals with the relevance of the creation vs. evolution belief systems. It presents the idea that there are two paths in life, or two worldviews. You can believe either one, but there are consequences that come with the choice you make. Few people understand that evolution is really a faith based belief system that teaches that man is the "god" in control of his own life and as such, it is having devastating effect on our society, especially our young people. This topic presents the perfect creation and fall of man and the redemptive work of Christ on the cross. It finishes with the choice each makes regarding the person of Jesus Christ. A second topic “How Do We Know the Bible is True?” drills down in much greater detail the contrast of the two world views. See below.

Dinosaurs and Dragons - Fact or Myth - About 60 minutes – (This is one of the most requested topics, especially for youth groups and in schools). This talk again deals with the 3rd “C”, the Catastrophe, by asking and answering four questions about dinosaurs. Where did they come from and when? When did they die out and become extinct? Why did they become extinct? Have there been any dinosaurs alive in recent times and are there any alive on the planet today? Four or five evolutionary explanations are briefly discussed before giving the historical reason recorded in the Bible.

The Mystery of Ancient Man - About 50 minutes. This topic is the 4th “C”, the Confusion at Babel, Nimrod and his establishment of astrology and the tower of Babel as an observatory to study the stars. It does so by dealing with a few ancient artifacts that indicates a technological explosion occurred about 5,000 years ago. It discusses ancient maps, ziggurats, computers and other items that indicate that ancient man was anything but primitive. It ties the history of the worlds peoples to the common ancestry of Noah and his three sons and ultimately to Adam and Eve.

The Relevance of Creation - About 45 minutes. This is an excellent lead off message since it deals with the compromise that Churches and individual Christians have made with the evolutionary world view. Using the text from Acts chapter 2 and Act chapter 17, it compares the two powerful sermons that Peter and Paul preached to two very different groups. This message also deals with the issue of what the Gospel is and how we are failing to realize that we need to begin our evangelistic efforts like Paul did in Acts 17 by teaching the 7 C’s of history. Why is Genesis and creation so important? You can’t get them saved unless you first get them to see that they are lost. How do you do that? You connect them to Adam. (This is a very powerful presentation.)

Fossils, Grand Canyon and the Flood - About 60 minutes. This message deals with the 3rd “C”, the Catastrophe, and attempts to bring the listener to an understanding of just how catastrophic the breaking up of the fountain of the great deep really was. It does so by asking and answering four questions. Is evolution true science while creation is just religion? Is the fossil record evidence for evolution? Where do fossils come from and how do they form? Does it really matter if the flood was local or global? How long it takes to make a fossil, coal, and oil are also discussed. The talk finishes up with a discussion of how Grand Canyon formed by presenting Dr. Steve Austin’s breached dam explanation of canyon formation.

ALIENS, UFO's and INCREDIBLE CREATURES – about 55 minutes. This topic is a favorite among young people. It deals with a number of questions such as: Is interstellar space travel really possible? What about space travel at the speed of light? What are the physics involved? Are UFO's real and if so, what are they? Are there really aliens, extraterrestrials, or other life out there? What about those incredible creatures that we see coming out of Hollywood. Could they be rooted in reality?

The talk finishes up by looking at some real incredible creatures and then addressing the 4 big questions everyone asks: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? (What is the purpose of life?) What happens to me when I die? Young people (indeed all of us) want answers to these questions. This in an excellent talk to get young people involved in the "creation vs evolution" debate.

WHY QUESTION BIBLICAL AUTHORITY? – about 50 minutes. This lecture deals with the problem that Christians make in trying to add millions of years to the Bible, as well as the different ways they try to do that. The “day-age” theory, Progressive creation, Theistic evolution, and the Gap theory are descussed. Then, using quotes from evolutionists, we show that the evolutionists themselves know that evolution is a faith-based religious system. The talk finishes by asking “Why question Biblical Authority?” and discusses some of the consequences of compromising with the religion of evolution.

RIGHTEOUSNESS; THE KEY TO RESTORING AMERICA'S LOST DREAM - about 55 minutes. This topic deals with the myth of separation of church and state, the Biblical basis the country was founded upon and the twin pillars of George Washington; Religion and Morality. Using quotes from Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Congress, it shows the Biblical foundation of our Founding Fathers and how far we have moved away from it. It also points out the fallacy of a classic evolutionist argument: Evolution is science, but Creation is religion. It uses quotes by evolutionists themselves acknowledging that evolution is a faith based belief system. It finishes with a presentation of the Gospel.

What is Truth? - About 50 Minutes. This topic deals with the two world views. Humanism and it’s foundation of evolution and atheism, and Biblical Christianity and it’s foundation on revealed truth as it deals with origins in the Genesis creation account. The presentation deals with the five tenets of the Humanist Manifesto and how our public education system has been taken over by the Humanists. This talk also deals with the results of following the humanist religion and how we are now reaping what we have sown for the past 70 odd years since John Dewey signed the “Manifesto” in 1932. It also offers solutions to the education system problems of poor discipline and general lawlessness in our public schools. It finishes with the fact that truth is embodied in the person of Jesus Christ.

The Fallen World - About 40 minutes. This talk deals with the 2nd “C”, the Corruption, by dealing with the results of the fact that we live in a fallen world of death, disease, and bloodshed by addressing two big questions. Is there really a God? And if so, why does He allow bad things to happen to “good” people. It deals with 9/11/01 in addressing the second question and uses some interesting facts from several scientific disciplines to address the question “Is there really a God?”

ONE BLOOD – The Biblical answer to Racism - About 45 minutes – (the most requested topic overseas). This deals again with the 4th “C”, the Confusion, by using genetics and showing that we are indeed “ONE BLOOD.” We discusse natural selection and the fact that creationists don’t have a problem with natural selection. We call it variation within a kind. It also deals with two long held church myths; the alleged curse on Ham, and what real interracial marriage is. This deals also with “skin color”, slanted eyes, and other genetic variations within the human kind.

The 7 “C’s” of History - about 63 minutes. This presentation covers the perfect “CREATION” that was created by God that was “CORRUPTED” by man’s sin of disobedience. It covers the resulting rapid decent into unmitigated violence until God finally judged the world with the “CATASTROPHE” of a global flood destroying the entire surface of the planet. It briefly explains the continued rebellion of mankind resulting in the “CONFUSION” of languages at Babel. Finally it finishes with the coming of the “CREATOR” into this world as a man, and the voluntary subjection to death on a “CROSS” for the redemption of fallen mankind and the entire creation, and covers the glorious hope of the coming “CONSUMMATION.”

ADVERSARY - The Rebels in the Garden - about 45 minutes. This topic addresses the questions; When were the angels created; When did the Lucifer fall and become Satan; Who sinned first - Lucifer or Adam; Was Adam with Eve during the temptation; When did the fall of Man happen? Can all of these have be explained within a young earth perspective?

How Do We Know the Bible is True? - about 55 minutes. This topic addresses one of the most commomly asked questions “Why should I believe the Bible just because you say it is true?” We contrast the evolution and creation worldviews is several areas, especially the behavior of the persons believing in the two views ie: the man centered perspective vs the God centered perspective as it relates to ssues of society.

How Do We Know the Bible is True? Student - about 35 minutes. This topic addresses one of the most commomly asked questions “Why should I believe the Bible just because you say it is true?”

IGNORING the CURSE? - about 35 minutes

Does Carbon 14 Dating Prove Millions of Years? - about 30 minutes 

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