My Trip to Peru in 2014

The Lord has given me the strength and resources to make my fifth trip to Peru!  It was a great blessing.  I was able to speak with over 2,500 people and didn’t get sick this time.  This year, I spent four days in Chiclayo and seven days in Lima. 

Chiclayo was a last minute addition to the trip.  Julio Herrera, who has been my interpreter for all my trips to Peru, was able (with the Lord’s help) to organize several venues for me to speak in a short period of time.  I was able to get a last minute fare to Lima that was $300 cheaper than anticipated.  This was exactly the amount I needed to go to Chiclayo.  I took this as a sign I should go. 

When I began going to Peru in 2005, Julio was a seminary student.  He is now the pastor of a small Christian and Missionary Alliance church in Chiclayo.  A couple in his church owns a nice hotel in town and allowed me to stay there for free.  While I was there, I spoke twice in the Chemistry Department of Pedro Ruiz University, one of the largest universities in the region.  As opposed to the US, the professors there were willing to consider my messages about the Origin of Life and Design of the Human Body.  They were convinced that we did not come about by accident.  When they took us to lunch after the second message, they asked us if we normally pray before a meal, and we did.  They are considering the gospel that I presented in answer to some of the questions the students had.  There were about 100 students and professors in the crowd each time.  They heard the scientific evidence and the gospel.  Many seeds were planted.  I spoke to Julio’s church (about 70) on Sunday about DNA and how it would have to have been created by an all-knowing, all-powerful God.  On Saturday night and Sunday night, I spoke to the large CMA church in Chiclayo.   Those messages were very well received and many questions were answered.  I spoke to about 150 on Saturday and 200+ on Sunday.  Many in Chiclayo are anxious for me to return.

I flew back to Lima Monday night and the Congress began Tuesday night.   We announced that Creous and Elizabeth are moving toward an agreement to be a part of Answers In Genesis in 2015.  I am excited about this new opportunity for them.  The Congress went well.  The attendees were very excited about the messages and asked many questions.  Attendance was down slightly at the Congress this year due to a conflicting meeting of the Worldwide Missionary Movement (MMM in Spanish) denomination in Lima at the same time, although this did increase the attendance at our talks on the universities.  Bethel TV (owned by MMM) did record the Congress and will be playing those messages over and over again.  They are still playing the messages from the last Congress in 2011.

San Marcos University was the site for the MMM meeting in Lima.  The MMM group asked Steve Ham (AIG) and Joe Owens (Spanish speaker for AIG) to speak a couple of times in the stadium to 30,000-50,000 people.  ( .  I will likely be ministering with Joe and Steve in other countries in South America in 2015.

I spoke on the campuses to hundreds of interested students.  While the universities are currently open in Lima, I see the beginning of challenges there.  When the faculty at San Marcos found out what I was speaking on in the university lecture halls, they were not happy.  They got on Facebook and made many negative comments.  Fortunately, I don’t read Spanish very well J.  The second night I spoke at San Marcos, they decided to clean the room just before I spoke, delaying the meeting.  Then they did not want us to use the projector and later cut our time short a little.   This could have just been poor organization on the part of the University, but I am skeptical.   I suspect this was intentional.  But the MMM group pays so much money to San Marcos University twice a year to rent the stadium, that I imagine the administration will allow us to continue to speak there for a while J.  I also spoke at the top engineering university in Lima (UNI) and the National Technology University in Lima Sur (UNTELS) to very interested crowds.

I was able to speak three times on Sunday at an IBC Church (Christian Bible Church) to about 400 people total.  In Peru, most churches have 3-4 services on Sunday, which last almost two hours each.  They fill up the sanctuary each time.  I spoke at 8, 10 and 12 for about an hour each.

Thanks for your support,

Alan White

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